Digital Manager, Garret Keogh

Garret has been a leading figure in the digital, social and agency business for over 25 years. He has worked at a senior level at MTV and Zodiak Media managing digital teams and delivering strategic projects. He also worked for EMAP/Bauer, AOL, CompuServe and was a freelance journalist published in Wired, The Guardian and more. He was Managing Director and Founder of Telegraph Hill, an award-winning social media agency. Telegraph Hill worked for the BBC on a range of projects and launched some of its biggest shows with social media campaigns.  They also worked for Channel 4, Sky, 5 and BBC Radio 1. Alongside its TV clients, the agency also worked in the brand space for companies including Red Bull, Nike, Republic, TGI Fridays, Hewlett Packard and more.

Garret is passionate about the arts and heritage world and bringing his learning from the commercial arena to really make a difference within this sector.

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