Who We Are

Who We Are

Paula founded Talkin’ Culture to support Arts, Craft and Heritage in response to severe austerity cuts including higher education. Talkin’ Culture believes in equality and arts access for all which remains an urgent issue. Good digital management can help drive those values.

My experience draws on senior positions in broadcast, digital and higher education. Broadcast has included Head of Production for BSkyB Movies and three music series, Jazz, Blues and Legends for NBC Europe which included working across the USA. As Head of Digital at the UK’s largest screen agency I was also involved in diversity schemes with major media partners, BBC, ITV and leading drama companies. In higher education I have worked across a number of universities and an affiliated arts and conservation college. My work has included multiple client productions, festival and project feasibility studies, co-designing and delivering an award winning, industry integrated university module and social media management. For the last two years I have managed the digital output for The Bowes Centre at The Bowes Museum and managed the social media for arts organisation Northern Heartlands. I also manage Project Pyrenees, my land, arts, craft and social justice initiative.

I have been selected for international innovation labs including Crossover Interactive and the XO Labs at The Sheffield Documentary Festival now the third largest festival in the world. I have also benefited from selection for screenwriting master classes with The Script Factory at The Göteborg Film Festival. In 2011, I was invited to No.10 Downing Street for contributing to ‘Building Britain’s Future.’ My aim is to do this through the arts, education and social justice.

Director, Paula Moore

Depending on the size of your project we have a network of trusted associates which we can draft in to offer their knowledge.